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Life Captured

One Photograph at a time

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Photographing Life as it passes by

To be added to this journal, you *MUST* leave me a note on my Friends Only entry, lelling me how you came to find me, and why you would like to be added.
Not that I'm not open to new friends at all, I love new friends,
it is just that these are my personal photographs,
and I want to make sure I can trust them to remain here,
and trust you with my work.
Thank you so much!

This journal is a collection of my Photography.
Watching life and trying to capture images is a full time passion.
I was interested in Photography from a very young age.
I have been in and out of it my entire life.
Now with my kids *almost* grown, I find my time finally free to explore
and to follow my passion with more focus.

I hope to work myself into doing some Child & Family photography.
Something to help everyone capture those moments that pass so quickly.

Of course I also love nature, so you will see plenty of that in my work, as well
as my *other* children.... those furry dogs of mine. :)

Comment lots, I love to hear your comments, and critiques.
After all, without someone telling me what works and doesn't.. will only help me to grow.

If you are interested, you can also look at my professional website. Things are constantly changing.. so you may see new galleries anytime you take a look.
Endless Possibilities

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